Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Is Education Still Worth It?

Nobody will disagree that getting an education is of the utmost importance if you want to have a good paying job and be financially secure. At least no one would deny it in the past, but nowadays it certainly seems that education is not a guarantee for success.

During the 1930s and 40s, many individuals never finished grade school. But even with just a third grade education, it was possible to have a successful career or well-paying job. With such a minimal education it was possible to raise a family and own a home and car.

With each each successive generation, the bar had been raised more and more. In the 1950s having a high school degree would guarantee you good employment. Having a college degree would out you among the top echelon.

Over the next 20 years it was still possible to succeed with just a high school degree but more individuals were attending college. Getting a two-year Associates degree was a great accomplishment even more so was a bachelors. Very few people went on past the bachelors degree except professionals whose careers required it.

Move forward another 20 years and you find that the success that was guaranteed with an associates degree was now reserved for those with bachelors. More and more individuals were attending colleges and receiving degrees. It was almost unheard of now to find a good career without a high school diploma at least.

In modern times it seems as if everybody has a bachelors degree. If you go to your local Starbucks you can find the individual serving coffee has a bachelors degree from a good college. It seems now that the only way to benefit from advanced education is if you have at least a masters degree. An Associates degree is pretty much worthless except for specific careers that require it.

So the question I have to ask is, is it worth taking out student loans knowing that you'll probably have to complete at least a masters degree level to benefit from all this education? Even then employment is not always guaranteed and you will be left with debts that you will be unable to pay.

I think in order to make a college education worthwhile, you have to do to your research and make sure you are studying in an area that has a high employment rate after graduation. Too many people chase after popular careers and with the way the economy is, it can be very difficult to find a job.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Things Are Looking Up In Certain Industries!

The ongoing economic crunch has affected everybody in this country. Everybody is well aware that people's jobs have been eliminated in many industries and the small percentage that have been replaced were replaced by low-paying or minimum-wage positions. The dismal prospects for many middle-class Americans.

One sector of the economy that seems to be defying this trend is the healthcare industry. I'm happy to report that growth in this sector continues to outpace the rest of the economy by an average of 30%. good thing about this is that the jobs are not low-paying positions but rather median to upper income careers.

Many of these positions require minimal education, either certification program or two-year degree will suffice.with just two years of training it is almost guaranteed that you could secure a position in some technical field within medicine. The average salary for such careers can start anywhere from $40-$60,000, topping out in some areas around $85,000.

 This is great news it's since it means that many Americans who'd been laid off prospects to replace their employment with not just a job at a career that provides adequate income to sustain a middle-class lifestyle. I highly recommend anyone is currently unemployed are unhappy with their job or underemployed to look into what jobs they may already qualify for or would require minimal education to apply.

Friday, September 14, 2012

My Job As A Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary AssistantIve always been the kind of person who enjoyed spending time alone in natural settings.  I found communing with the animals in the park was more enjoyable then hanging out with my fellow humans.  Because of my career I had to deal with people on a daily basis, and while i am a kind and considerate person,  I just couldn't handle the daily onslaught of negativity that these people brought with them.  My animal friends exhibited none of these qualities.  They were always friendly and inquisitive, usually playful and carefree.  This led me to make some decisions regarding my career.  It was time for a change, so I decided to work with animals instead of people.  I found a job working as a veterinary assistant in a local animal hospital.  My job responsibilities require me to hep care for and interact with the patients in the hospital.  I have spent a great deal of time after my shift was over keeping an animal company while they were being treated.  They were often scared and lonely and in pain.  It was obvious that they appreciated my attention.  Is that not the perfect work situation, one where you stay an hour after you shift ends and you don't even realize it?  A veterinary assistants salary is alright for now, but I am starting school to become a veterinarian this fall.  In the mean time.  I am learning how an animal hospital functions and what these animals go thorough when they are here.  I am much happier since I have made this career change.  Check out for premium information on a variety of careers.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Begin An exhilarating New Career As A Surgical Technologist

The healthcare niche is often a supply of a good number of fast growing employment possibilities. Regardless of what occurs with the overall economy, the need for highly trained health care staff will always be found.  There are several occupational avenues in the health-related niche that you  may opt to follow. One of the most enjoyable options might possibly be that of a surgical technologist.

Surgical Tech
A surgical tech performs his main duties inside of the operating room aiding the operating specialist throughout surgical treatments,   performing a critical task within the medical staff. To be a surgical technologist, you are required to take instructional courses plus  acquire accreditation's. Having specific personality traits is likewise very important to be able to be effective through this particular field.

Preparation and Qualification

After you pick an appropriate university which provides a surgical technologist program, you'll discover that to become a surgical tech  you need to have a particular curiosity about scientific disciplines. Therefore prepare yourself to take biology, human anatomy, chemistry and plenty of math. After you finish the program, you will have to take a state certified test to get your certification.

Personal Criteria

A good surgery tech has to have specific individual attributes to become an effective worker. One of the primary skill-sets important would  be the capability to multitask. You'll encounter circumstances where you will need to tackle a great many functions at once. Another skill that is essential is being a people person. Communicating with patients and also peers is crucial in conducting effective  surgical treatments. A surgical tech works inside an operating room, so you have to have a strong stomach.

Work Place and Occupation Responsibilities

One of the great thing in regards to a surgical tech profession would be the fact there are different areas of medicine that you might focus on; the cardiovascular system, orthopedics and dentistry are just a few of the numerous areas available.  Of course,  you don't have to select just one discipline, you can  be trained in different areas, which may make job placement simpler.

Often the tasks of a typical surgical tech include cleansing along with preparing the operating room for procedures, and in addition ensuring that all devices are sufficiently sterilized. Surgical techs also support the surgical staff, they are the people which  hand the operating specialist his tools during the operation.  Additionally, they maneuver patients in and out of the operating room.

Surgical techs have to be in a position to cope with traumatic scenarios. Unforeseen events are likely to come about while a patient's life hangs in the balance so the operating room must function without problems.  Having the ability to think clearly, plus keeping a steady  hand, undoubtedly are a must anytime stress levels have reached their strongest. If you choose to follow this career path you will also have to be able to stand for long periods of time while staying alert for what might happen next; so it is important to be physically fit and healthy.


Another consideration regarding this line of work could be that the forecast expansion is more than 25% within the next FIFTEEN years.  This means that by the time you are finished with college as well as the official certification process, you'll see hospitals ready to hire you. The normal wage  for a surgical tech is about $40,000 a year, which does not include your benefits as well as other job advantages.

The surgical tech possess an intriguing and stimulating role, however it is not for everybody.  You must be able to handle the 'blood and guts' factor of surgery, you must pass all educational hurdles, and you must have the right people skills in order to excel in this career field. The job duties put you within the operating room, as a critical member of the operative  crew.

Getting into a career as a surgical technologist could very well be one of the greatest choices you ever make in your life.  Be sure you do proper analysis before you make any final  choices so that you are assured you are making the appropriate  professional choice.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Why I Chose to Become an Esthetician

I had recently undergone surgery that treated a long standing medical condition. This surgery left me with some rather severe scarring that greatly affected my appearance. My surgeon had a medical esthetician working on her team and I began treatments a week after surgery. Without her I don't know if I would have healed to the extent I have. She did facial massages as well as makeup application to cover the scarring. After one month the swelling had receded and all that was left was the scarring. She had taught me how to apply the makeup so it created a natural look. I was impacted so much that I decided I wanted to be a medical esthetician too. I looked up and was even more determined once I found out how much money they can make. I started a search for programs in my area and enrolled for the next semester. There is no better feeling than knowing you made a difference in another persons life.